Client Support Services

PyroDigital provide our clients with free direct support for all the services we supply.

As a PyroDigital client we will also try to help you with any general questions you may have regarding your Internet connectivity, P.C. or software issues, but please be aware this service may be chargeable depending on the PyroDigital services you have purchased.

If you are a PyroDigital client and need technical support via email, please email us via our support form to the right.

If PyroDigital's IT department support your Server, Local LAN, Dedicated or Co-Hosted Server, or if you have a support contract with us for your hardware or software and wish to contact us by email please click here.

For all types of telephone support please call call us on 01293 415000.

Self Help

The majority of support calls are e-mail related, so here are a few simple checks you can do before you call us.

Q. Can't reach our email Server? Then please check the following:

Firstly make sure you have normal Internet browsing, the easiest way to do this is to go to Google and do a random search, check that you are getting search results back, if so your Internet connection is OK.

If not, then look to see if your modem or router appears to be functioning properly, are all the usual lights on?

If in doubt, switch your router off for one minute and then switch it on again, look at the lights to make sure you have power to the router and that the ADSL or DSL light changes from flashing to constant as the DSL line syncs. Look to make sure the link light to your computer's ethernet or USB port is on. If it all looks OK, try browsing again.

If you still have no Internet connection, then please contact your ADSL service provider to check your line is OK.

If you have Internet browsing, but still can't reach our e-mail servers, then try to access your email via our World client service. Firstly close the email program on your local P.C. then log-in to our World Client service using your full email address and password here. Check to see that you don't have a large email that is 'stuck' or that your ISP won't allow you to download. If you have, delete the suspect email close World Client and try again from your PC.

If this doesn't work, then please call our direct support team on 01293 415000 or email us here.